Teorema Polis
Teorema Polis
9 Pizza's

The watchword is versatility. If you don’t find the version you are looking for, with Teorema Polisyou can create your own for whatever you need from Pastry making to baking and pizza production!

You can choose different heights of cooking chamber:

  • 18 cm for baking pizzas or for small pastries
  • 30 cm for baking bread, “pandori” or “panettoni”

You can decide: to cook in trays or directly on the cooking surface of the oven. In this case you can opt for a base made from refractory material. Depending on your needs, you can add a leavening cabinet.

With the new digital control panel with 20 program circuit board you can set up:

  • PRE HEATING function that allows the oven to be pre heated in slow or fast mode
  • AUTO CLEANING function that cleans and sterilises the cooking chamber
  • Weekly automatic ignition program with the possibility of carrying out two ignitions a day

There’s no shortage of accessories. To make the oven even more efficient, Zanolli proposes a vaporiser for the cooking chamber and a humidifier for the leavening cabinet.