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Rotating thermoventilated ovens

Rotating thermoventilated ovens

Electric and gas-fired air-heated rack ovens for bread and pastries
The quality of rack ovens combined with that of CIMAV air-heated ovens

  • A powerful steam generator delivers the right amount of steam even during continuous baking cycles.
  • The combustion chamber has large heat exchange surfaces. It is located at the rear (CP) or side (CL) of the oven. High efficiency means low operating costs and great energy savings. The structure of the oven is designed for optimal heat exchange and long-term durability.
Thermoventilated ovens

Thermoventilated ovens

Air-heated, electric and gas ovens for pastry and bread
The success of CIMAV's air-heated furnaces is reflected in these three key features:

  • No more space problems and durability, thanks to its extremely compact dimensions and solid structure, made entirely of stainless steel.
  • Versatile baking for high quality bread and pastries, guaranteed by efficient heat distribution through convection and the possibility of using the necessary steam, thanks to the presence of a steam generator with excellent performance characteristics.
  • Economical consumption, determined by optimization of the power used, without wasting energy
Modular ovens

Modular ovens

Modular ovens are great for many reasons.
You can stack up to 4 modules. The baking chambers are perfectly insulated with a double layer of rock wool and sealed with sheet steel. This allows you to use different temperatures on the different modules and make different products at the same time. The baking temperature can reach 400 °C, perfect for Neapolitan pizza.
These modules are suitable for baking pastry, bread and pizza, all on baking trays or directly on the oven floor.
Available on gas or electricity.

All modular ovens are customizable with the following elements:

  • full glass doors
  • stainless steel doors with small glass inspection steam application per module
  • support rack in stainless steel or fermentation cell raised pizza resistances
  • refractory stone floor
  • refractory concrete floor
  • Wi-Fi connectivity with cloud EPoCA
  • finish available in black
Electric ovens for bread

Electric ovens for bread

The line of Cimav bread ovens was designed to meet the needs of large artisan bread production and allows flexible baking management.

  • Main aspects of electric bread ovens :
  • maximum temperature 350 °C
  • insulated chamber with large thickness and high density rock wool powerful internal illumination of the chambers
  • refractory concrete baking plate that keeps the temperature optimal
  • special resistances for refractory surfaces
  • double temperature control at the top and bottom
  • temperature control in percent
  • economical management for work breaks in eco mode
  • thermally insulated outer surface
  • manually operated steam valve for homogeneous and controlled release of steam
  • daily ignition timer
  • 49 customizable baking programs
  • steam outlet with a diameter of 250 mm
  • steam generators placed under the baking chambers
  • all-glass door with double opening to manage excess steam and allow baking with the rail chargers.


The futurci line of electric ovens is mainly used for pizza and gourmet cooking in fast food and catering. It is a more simple and affordable version of the modular ovens. The baking temperature can reach 400 °C.

Features of futurci ovens:

  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Control window
  • Insulation with rock and wool panels
  • Baking surface is made of aluminized plate with a height of 12 or 18 inches
  • Baking surface is made of granite cement or refractory material
  • Mechanical thermostat for controlling the temperature
  • Mechanical indicator checking the internal temperature


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