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Little Italy Forni has been specialized in the installation of pizza ovens for over 10 years. We have a large selection and together we will choose the ideal pizza oven to meet all your needs. In addition to the installation of the pizza oven, we also take care of the setup of your pizzeria.

Our pizza ovens

Rotating pizza oven


Here you will find a wide selection of rotating pizza ovens. These professional pizza ovens work with a rotating floor so that each pizza is baked evenly. This innovative way of working speeds up and simplifies the baking of pizzas. This selection of pizza ovens is available in both wood and gas, or a combination of both.



In static pizza ovens, pizza is baked in an authentic and traditional way. These pizza ovens are available on wood, gas or a combination of both.

Static pizza oven
Electric/gas pizza oven


Is your space very limited? Then an electric pizza oven is the ideal solution for you. The smallest pizza oven takes up only 1 square meter and needs no or a limited exhaust hood.


Together we select the appropriate pizza oven that meets your necessary capacity and working style. See some of our realizations.

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