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Synthesis is a revolutionary modular tunnel oven. After having prepared your recipe set the right temperature, decided on the speed for the conveyer and placed the food on it, you can forget the rest. There’s no need to check the product during cooking because the oven will keep it away from the heat preventing it from burning. Synthesis can cook pizza and grilled vegetables, fast food and pastries.

All Synthesis ovens are stackable so you can step up your productivity to meet peak demand. When you don’t need to produce much you can save on energy by using just one baking module.
The maximum temperature of 320 °C is more than sufficient to get perfect results, thanks to the ventilation system.

The new ECONOMY mode is the best solution to keep the oven hot between different baking sessions preventing that waste of energy and time that otherwise would occur due to the normal decrease in temperature when the oven cools down.