PVP 150TW Round
PVP 150TW Round
18 Pizza's

Baking surface 150 cm. Pavesi rotating single block, capacity for 14/18 pizzas, single 62x24 opening, ideal for tray baked pizza, FLAT VAULT, round, high-thickness walls in refractory cement, to further increase the heat accumulation (thermal flywheel) wood stack and ash discharge left, and right, it heats from 100° C. to 300° C. in approx. 60 minutes (data measured using dry wood and 20 cm. insulated flue).

The opening of the PVP ROUND leaves the classic brick for an elegant, molded and painted steel bow able to give the oven a decisive modern touch. An oven that can fully satisfy the needs of all those restaurants that have to work a lot for many hours.

A large, even huge oven yet still extremely reactive.
IMMEDIATELY retrieves the calories given off during baking.
We are sure it will satisfy you and we sincerely hope that you will be able to utilize it 100%.

All Pavesi rotating wood ovens can be supplied with the electronically managed Avanzini gas burner, including a special stainless steel protection that protects the nozzles of the burner from the soot of wood, so they can safely work with gas and with wood.