10 Pizza's

Baking surface cm.110 Pavesi ROTATING SINGLE BLOCK, capacity for 8/10 pizzas, A small and extremely reactive Oven. IMMEDIATELY retrieves the calories given off during baking.

We prefer not to indicate the hourly production rate, as it is linked to many factors other than the oven specifications, such as the production capacity of the staff and the work area. That will be your job to find out. You’ll be surprised. User friendly, rotation speed control, cooking plate always at the ideal temperature, the revolving oven is recommended for those who must cook large quantities of pizzas as quickly as possible.

All Pavesi revolving wood ovens can be supplied with the electronically managed gas burner Avanzini, including a special stainless steel protection that protects the nozzles of the burner from the soot of wood, so they can safely work with gas and with wood.