Electric ovens for bread
Electric ovens for bread
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The line of Cimav bread ovens was designed to meet the needs of large artisan bread production and allows flexible baking management.

  • Main aspects of electric bread ovens :
  • maximum temperature 350 °C
  • insulated chamber with large thickness and high density rock wool powerful internal illumination of the chambers
  • refractory concrete baking plate that keeps the temperature optimal
  • special resistances for refractory surfaces
  • double temperature control at the top and bottom
  • temperature control in percent
  • economical management for work breaks in eco mode
  • thermally insulated outer surface
  • manually operated steam valve for homogeneous and controlled release of steam
  • daily ignition timer
  • 49 customizable baking programs
  • steam outlet with a diameter of 250 mm
  • steam generators placed under the baking chambers
  • all-glass door with double opening to manage excess steam and allow baking with the rail chargers.