6 Pizza's

ROTATING SINGLE BLOCK Pavesi Baking surface of 110 cm. in diameter, capacity for 8/10 pizzas, FLAT VAULT, square chamber with refractory cement walls, single 56x27 opening, heats from 100° C.

to 300° C. in approx. in 40 minutes (data measured using 34 KW/h Methane Gas Burner and 20 cm. insulated flue).

A small and extremely reactive Oven.
IMMEDIATELY retrieves the calories given off during baking. We prefer not to indicate the hourly production rate, as it is linked to many factors other than the oven specifications, such as the production capacity of the staff and the work area. That will be your job to find out. You’ll be surprised.

All the Pavesi gas-fired ovens are supplied with an electronically managed gas burner.