At Pizzeria Rocco Cagliostro in Genk, everything is about passion and quality so that every customer receives an honest pizza. The Pavesi Forni JOY 110 TW was essential for this concept!

JOY 130 TW


Standard is an organic pizza shop located in Antwerp, that prepares its sourdough pizzas in a Pavesi Forni JOY 130 TW wood/gas. The neutral color of the oven fits the concept of the restaurant perfectly.

JOY 110 TW

Bocca Nera

Bocca Nera is a hip Italian restaurant in Hasselt. In their rotating Pavesi Forni JOY 110 TW wood/gas they make delicious dishes with an Italian and Mediterranean edge. They also serve dishes from other countries in the world.

JOY 130 TW

Viva La Pizza

JOY 110 TW

Queen Bufala

JOY 130 TW

Mezza Luna

Since 1996, the team of Mezza Luna welcomes you to their sympathetic and friendly family restaurant, located in the town of Ronse. Here you can enjoy traditional Italian cuisine such as delicious pastas and escalopes, but above all enjoy the best pizzas of the region!

JOY 110 TW


JOY 110 TW

AP Pizza

The AP pizza restaurant in Wasmes, named after the initials of its owner and pizzaïolo Antonio Perdighe, specializes in Neapolitan pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven. This renowned pizzaïolo has already obtained several awards: 2nd in Belgium for "classic pizza" at the 27th edition of the World Pizza Championship in 2018, vice-champion in the Benelux in 2015, 4th best pizzaïolo in the Benelux and 25th best pizzaïolo in the world. The JOY110 wood/gas was a must for him.

In early 2021, Antonio opened a second branch in Mons. Satisfied with his first purchase, he chose the Pavesi Forni JOY 110 wood/gas again.



The goal at the Pita Republic "Barouche" is to bring people together in a welcoming atmosphere to savor homemade pita bread. These pocket breads are baked in a Pavesi Forni JOY 90 TW and form the cornerstone of the restaurant. Each day, their pitarists prepare the sourdough. After 24 hours of resting, the sourdough is perfectly suited to be baked in their Barouche oven, resulting in a delectable pita bread.

Twister Side


The trendy Italian restaurant "Baracca," located in the heart of Leuven, prepares its pizzas with a unique "pasta madre" and bakes them in a Twister 130 wood/gas resulting in a crispy, airy pizza.

JOY 110 TW

La Cantinetta

La Cantinetta is a stylish Italian restaurant in Ixelles. We opted for a rotary Pavesi JOY110 TW wood/gas oven here. The oven is accented with a gold finish, which makes it a real eye-catcher.

JOY 110 TW

Plant A Pizza

The first 100 % plant based pizzeria in Belgium, right by Gravensteen in Ghent. If you want to try the most amazing vegan pizza's baked in one of our lovely JOY 110 TW ovens, Plant A Pizza is the place for you! 

JOY 110 TW


Come by this cozy restaurant and discover the wide range of daily fresh pastas and crisp fresh pizzas made in their own JOY 110 TW.  The experienced chefs at Bertha foodbar dedicate themselves every day to create the most delicious dishes for you with the freshest ingredients.

JOY 110 TW


Pizzeria NOVE offers pure, Neapolitan-style pizza. They use quality products, such as their dough that is prepared daily and aged for at least 24 hours for a result that will surprise even the most demanding taste buds. This quality dough is baked in an equally quality oven, namely the JOY 110 TW. 


Limoni e Tartufi

Limoni E Tartufi offers you a sunny menu full of flavors from Italy and Sicily, made in an authentic Italian pizza oven. Here you will undoubtedly enjoy a gastronomic experience! 

JOY 110 TW

Maxi Pizza

Maxi Pizza in Namur has been offering more than 50 artisanal pizzas, freshly baked on stone in a JOY 110 TW since 2002. Should you ever find yourself in Namur, be sure to visit this pink eye-catching pizzeria!

JOY 110 TW

Bella Ciao